5 dakika (300 saniye) testi tıklayın

5 dakikada kaç tıklama yapabileceğinizi kontrol edin 👇

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5 minutes click speed test

The longer you go, the slower you are – this works both for running and clicking mouse. So 5 minutes or 300 seconds of clicking can be considers as a real marathon for a player’s hand. The graph under test will show how your CPS changes in time.

How to increase CPS in 5 minutes click speed test?

For a long period clicking the best strategy of training will be to alternate between 60-300 seconds test and 5-10 seconds tests. Use short exercies to improve clicking technique and long ones to increase your muscle endurance.

Because 5 minutes is a long time for clicking mouse, you better not click at max speed in the beginning, it will help spread your strength over the whole time.