Keyboard CPS test

Check your keyboard cps with any button!

Time: 10 s

Click on the name of the key to change it. It's the same with the time value.

What is Keyboard Speed Test?

This test measures the speed at which the keyboard buttons are pressed. It was created as an extension of the Spacebar speed test for those who prefer more flexible settings.

How to use Keyboard CPS Test:

  1. Choose preferred key,
  2. Check if the timer is right for you (otherwise change it too),
  3. To start test start pressing chosen key or click “Start” button,
  4. Press the keyboard button as fast as possible until time is up,
  5. Look at your result CPS.

In this test you can use all your keyboard buttons except Fn, Win and special keys that activate keyboard shortcuts (Vol +/-, Email, etc.)