Aim trainer

Improve and test your aiming skills

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Practice aiming skills

Fast and accurate aiming is one of the most important skills for any FPS player, be it a professional or a casual gamer. Shooters are becoming more popular every day, the competition is increasing, and to stay ahead of the competition you need to train regularly.

However, there are enough other aspects to the gameplay that can get in the way of honing your aiming skills. This is where the Aim Trainer comes to the rescue, offering pure aiming practice.

With Aim Trainer you can practice more focused, than in an in-game match, getting better and better day by day. In addition, loading Aim Trainer takes seconds and does not require much PC power, allowing you to train on any computer, even on a school one! And if you are a mobile player, Aim Trainer is available for you too.


The final score you see is the average number of points per second for the round. The accuracy and complexity of the game is also taken into account.

Thus, the result is calculated according to the following formula:

Final score = total_score * difficulty_multiplier * accuracy / time

Such complex scoring is necessary so that you can track your skill improvements with any combination of settings.

And hits in the center of the target get you x1.5 points.