Reaction time test

Are you a speedster or a slowpoke? Check it now!


to start measuring your reaction time

The Reaction Time Test is a very useful tool that measures how quickly a person reacts to a change in a picture. It measures the time it takes you to click the mouse (or press keyboard) after seeing a command.

With this test, you can compare the reaction time of one person at different times or compare the results of different people.

This reaction speed test is not very scientific, but just for fun and practice.

How to do time reaction test

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the purple rectangle above to get started
  2. Wait until the rectangle field turns green with message “Click”
  3. Click or press any keyboard button
  4. Get your reaction time in ms.

The time between green “Click!” message and your actual click is your reaction speed in milliseconds. In this test, the click is counted from the moment when the button is just pressed down, and not released, so the time spent on the click has almost no effect on the result reaction time.

What is good reaction test result?

An average reaction time/speed is about 200-300ms.

Remember that your speed on this test is the sum of the reaction time of your brain and the movement of your finger to press the button. One of these terms can significantly slow you down.