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How many clicks can you do in 1 second? Find it out with super quick 1 second click speed test.

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1 second click test

1 second is the shortest time mode on this website and the fastest way to find out your CPS. It is a simple tool to train clicking technique and reaction for online gaming. You can use this click test to challenge your friends and make a little contest with them.

This test can help players not only check CPS but also help practicing speed clicking. 1 second test allows to smash mouse button with full speed and mighty power of fingers without getting tired.

Below the main buttons there is a records table where your last 200 results are. Right above the table we show your max CPS of all time.

What is CPS

CPS is abbreviation of clicks per second, i.e it is the number obtained by dividing clicks by time they were made. In case of 1 second time mode of our test it is simply the number of clicks you make during the test.

How gain CPS?

If your score is less than 7, just practice this test or other time modes for a few minutes every day until you reach that number of CPS. Then you can try to learn some advanced clicking methods and boost your progress even more.