Double click Test for keyboard

Test your keys for double typing, it's like the mouse double click test but is made for the keyboard.

Press any key you want to check

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Double clicks: 0

Double click time: s

Press and release the key quickly several times. If key name turns red, it has a double typing issue. The number of double clicks will be written on the corresponding line.

What is a double click?

Double click on the keyboard is also called double typing. This is an issue when your keyboard registers two or more clicks even though you only did one. Very annoying.

Why my keyboard have double typing?

Probably, it’s time to clean your keyboard. Most likely some dust or food crumbs got between key contacts and now are messing with your typing. Sometimes water or other liquid gets on the contacts and oxidizes them.

In any case, to fix the double click of the keyboard, you need to disassemble it and clean it in the place where the problem keys are.