Mouse Double Click Test

Click the button to check your mouse for a double click 👇. Keyboard test is here

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Sometimes mouse buttons can develop a very unpleasant habit to make two clicks when you were intending to make just one. This feature is called double click.

The double click is often caused by excessive wear of the button mechanism or by dust and dirt ingress. In the very beginning double click is already annoying but still hard to reproduce and that’s when this double click test can become very handy.

How the double click test works

The basic principle of this test is very simple: you click the button and the detector counts time between clicks and if time is less than 80 milliseconds then your mouse has the double click issue. If there is a double click, the button will be red and double click counter will increase.

You can check both left and right buttons.

You also can change the double click detection time for your preference.