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How high is your CPS? Challenge yourself and your friends to see, who is the fastest clicker! 💪

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Click the green button to start test. 👆 Do not linger, the countdown will begin instantly and it 5 seconds only, every millisecond counts!

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5 second click test

This online test is made to help players check their CPS (click per second) and help them practicing speed clicking.

Here on CPS-Check we offer you simple and straightforward online app that can check your CPS for different time periods with graphs and history tables.

5 seconds mode of the test is the best way to practice relatively short clicking bursts which are very common in online games like Minecraft. Longer periods are exhausting, and shorter ones are just not enough.

CPS chart below the main buttons shows how constant your clicking rate is.

Next is Rating table which contents your last 5 seconds click tests results. The data is coming from your cookies, and contents only last 200 records for each time mode.

How to improve CPS

Like many things in life to click faster you need to practice a lot. If you just started on a path of increasing CPS in games, you can just do this test over and over again for several minutes every day.

After you have reached 8-9 clicks per second you probably will need to use some advanced clicking techniques to make further progress.