Jitter click test 10 seconds

Can you jitter click and aim? Check it now! 👇


The test will start immediately after you click the "Start" button. You can change size and speed of the target.

CPS chart
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What is 10 seconds jitter click speed test?

This test is designed not only to count your CPS but also to check how good you are at jitterclicking!Everybody can jitterclick on static target, but clicking and aiming on moving target is what makes player a true Master of Jitter Click. So we made randomly moving button and missed clicks don't count.

To start jitter click test click the Start button and continue until time ends. To start over press Reset button.

To make this test easier or more difficult there are two settings: size and speed of the button.

Below main buttons there is the graph that shows how your CPS changes during the test and the records table that stores last of your 200 results.

What is CPS?

CPS – is click speed unit (Clicks per Second).  In some games like Minecraft fast clicking is crucial, so players with higher CPS have more chances to win a battle or something else.