Mouse buttons test

Click any mouse button to see if it works on the picture below.
Place cursor inside this box

This mouse test shows pressed buttons of your mouse. It can check the most common mouse buttons: left, right, scroll wheel button, scroll directions and two side buttons.

How to use mouse test

  1. To start test you need move cursor inside box around the image of mouse.
  2. Click mouse buttons and see if they light up on the image.
  3. Spin scroll wheel in both directions and check if direction arrows light up.

You can click one or many buttons a at once, it doesn't matter. If something doesn't light up, it doesn't work on your mouse.

Known issues

In rare cases this mouse buttons test may not work well. Here is information to help you:

- Test doesn't work at all.

- Side mouse buttons are swapped

It's ok, some mouses like A4tech X7 have "back" and "forward" functions swapped.

- Side buttons don't light up

This can happen on modern Firefox or on some very outdated browser. Just use Chrome or Edge for this test to be sure these buttons work.