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Manual click test 22 Oct 2020

New mode! Well, Manual click test actually is not new, it was Kohi click test before. But Kohi click test now shows only current CPS (in past 2 seconds).

Aim training game 23 Sep 2020

New mode! Aim game is a simple game that will help you develop aiming skills and click speed.

Kohi click test 15 Jul 2020

New mode! Kohi click test is similar to regular test on this site, but has no countdown and must be stopped manually.

Special jitter click tests are here! 10 Jul 2020

Today we've launched new mode: Jitter Click test!

It has moving Click button, so it is harder to aim.

CPS graph is much faster now 08 Jul 2020

New graph is based on Canvas technology and works really fast compared to previous DOM-based version.

CPS-Check.com is now opened! 06 Jul 2020

Today we launched!

10 time modes of click test are available.