Spacebar Counter

Hit the spacebar to start counting. The number is editable.

Why do you need a spacebar counter?

There are some real reasons to use a spacebar counter:

  1. To count something. When some event happens you just press the spacebar. You don’t have remember the number or even look at the screen.
  2. To check how fast you can press the button. In that case you need a stopwatch, or you can use our spacebar speed test.
  3. To train yourself or to check how your space key works.

But really, no reason is needed.

How does a spacebar counter work?

Open this page and start pressing the space bar button. That's it. To set the counter to zero click "reset" button.

You can enter any number to start counting from it. And if you close the page, the number will be saved until you open it again.