Kohi click test

What is your CPS? Test your click speed right now! 👇


Click test will start immediately after you click "Start" button. There is NO TIME LIMIT, the test will continue until you stop clicking. The usual test with countdown is here.

What is Kohi click test?

Kohi click test is named after famous Minecraft server “Kohi” on which click speed counting was first implemented and result was shown in CPS. This test is working in exact same way, but it is located on a webpage.

How this test works

To start Kohi click test click the green “Start” button and continue clicking as fast as possible. This test does not have countdown, it shows you current CPS (in last 2 seconds). If you want the test with automatic countdown try our regular click test.

What is CPS?

CPS means “clicks per second”, it can be also called clicking speed. CPS can be obtained by dividing the number of clicks by the time in which they were made. Kohi click test produces values of CPS and time rounded to two digits after the decimal.

CPS can be improved by using some advanced clicking techniques like jitter clicking, butterfly clicking or drag clicking: