Jitter click test 60 seconds

How many clicks can you do in 60 seconds? Test your jitter click speed right now! 👇


Timer will start immediately after you click "Start" button. You can change size and speed of the target.

CPS chart
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What is jitter click speed test 60 seconds?

Everyone who tried jitter clicking knows that it makes aiming quite hard. So here comes this test with randomly moving button, it will measure your effective CPS while jitter clicking. You can also use it for training.

This test is simple: just start clicking on the green button and continue until time ends. There is red reset button, if you want to retry, and settings, if you want to change difficulty.

Last 200 records in 60 seconds test will be shown in a table below the test. Your maximum CPS of all time will be there too.

The graph shows how your CPS changes during the test.

What is CPS?

CPS – is click speed unit (Clicks per Second).  In some games like Minecraft fast clicking is crucial, so players with higher CPS have more chances to win a battle or something else.