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What is your CPS? Test your click speed for 10 seconds. 🙃

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Timer will start immediately after you click "Start" button, so don't hesitate and click fast! The graph below will show how your CPS changes during the test.

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This site was designed to precisely determine your click speed. Usually, clicking speed is measured in CPS – clicks per second. The number of CPS is obtained by dividing the number of clicks by time. You can do it manually by using a stopwatch and counting your clicks by yourself, but the result will not be as accurate as the result of automatic testing on this website.

What is it?

Here on CPS-Check we provide:

  1. Accurate CPS number
  2. Good performance
  3. You can use both left and right mouse buttons
  4. CPS graph after each test (5+ seconds)
  5. Your CPS history (only last 200 results)
  6. CPS rating after each test
  7. Social sharing

How to test your CPS:

  1. Press green “start” button. Timer will start immediately.
  2. Continue clicking the same green button
  3. Don’t stop clicking until your time is up.

If you want to retry, just click the red “reset” button and start over.

CPS-Check draws a graph of your CPS during the 5+ seconds tests, so you can see how your click speed changes in time. It is an important feature that will help to detect muscle fatigue, especially during long tests.

This click test can handle up to 200 CPS (or even more, depends on PC performance), don’t be afraid to test your mouse macros here.

Here on CPS-Check we show your last CPS records of each time test. We don’t collect your data on our servers, it is stored on your hard drive in cookie files. If you clear cookies for this site, your CPS history will be deleted.

After finishing each click speed test, you will receive a modal window with your result and jesting rating based on your CPS number. In the same modal window you can find social sharing buttons.

What is good CPS?

An average person can easily click with speed from 5 to 7 CPS for 10-60 seconds. It is very common number and can be achieved with regular clicking technique.

Anything higher than 7 CPS can be considered as good result. An average player can get that number in short-time tests.

10 and more CPS is very good result, normally it can’t be achieved with normal clicking technique and requires some advanced skills.

Clicking techniques

As mentioned above, there are more than one method of clicking. Let's take a quick look at these methods.

Regular Clicking

It stands up for its name: just click as you always do while working on your PC. It is natural and easy to do, but not very fast: 5-8 CPS max is what an average player can achieve with this method.

Butterfly clicking

This technique requires using two fingers on the mouse button. Shortly speaking, it’s all about clicking in turn with two fingers. You also can click left and right button. With this method pro players can score up to 30 CPS. This technique works best with mice that allow double-clicking, otherwise CPS gain won’t be too big.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is another way to boost up your CPS, but it requires more training to use it in game.

The basis of this method is to strain the hand in clicking position over the mouse and rapidly press the mouse button with your finger like a woodpecker. From the side it looks like a hand is shaking and feels the same. This technique makes aiming is almost impossible and requires non-slip mouse buttons and table surface. With low DPI, heavy mouse and good pad it will be possible to aim. 12-20 CPS max.

An example of jitter clicking:

Difference between Butterfly Clicking and Jitter Clicking:

We have a special test for jitter clicking: Jitter Click Test

Drag Clicking

If the two methods above depend on the mouse just a little, Drag Clicking is almost all about what mouse you use. With this method, clicks are generated not by pressing the button, but by vibrations caused from dragging a finger over the button. Those vibrations are only possible if the button surface is scabrous or matte. Far from every mouse can do it. CPS from Drag clicking depends on the mouse and be up to 100.

To better understand the essence of the method, watch this video:

There is the Bawlclicking, which is almost the same, but the mouse is dragged over the table, not the finger over the mouse.


Just program your mouse to click on its own 😉. Many mouses are programmable, and you can attach scripts to some buttons. Or there is software that can make autoclick any mouse or even keyboard. Theoretically, auto clicker can do up to 1000 CPS (1ms pause), but games usually can register much less CPS.

Of course, this method is illegal in most online games and can be called cheating, because it requires using third-party scripts. Do not do it online, if you don’t want to get banned.