Online Click Counter

Want to count something? Use this simple click counter 👇

Click the "+" and "−" buttons to count something. You can also enter any value in the field.

Why do you need a click counter?

There are a few reasons to use a click counter:

  1. To count something. Sometimes it is hard to keep the number in mind, and much easier just click the mouse button. For example, if you need to count how many times a character on your favorite show says a certain word.
  2. To check your mouse. Do you suspect your mouse button is not always working? Use the click counter.
  3. To make a clicking contest with your friends. Open this page on your computers or phones and start clicking on the command.
  4. Just to click and watch numbers. Don't ask why.

There are the most common uses of a click counter, you may have your own unique reason.

How to use a click counter?

This click counter is a very simple tool:

You can refresh or close the page, the number is saved on your computer in cookie files. Visit this page later and continue from where you finished or hit the "reset" button and the counter will be set to zero.