Mouse drag test

Check your mouse drag capability. Works with any mouse button* or touchscreen.

How to do Drag test?

To do drag test with mouse:

  1. Place the cursor over “Drag me” object
  2. Press and hold the mouse button you want to test
  3. Move the cursor in any direction within the test field
  4. If object drags until you release the button, your drag function of your mouse works well.

For touchscreen drag test:

  1. Touch the object
  2. Move it in any direction within test box
  3. If it moves, your screen drag function works well.

Attention! If you release the button or take your finger off the screen, object will be immovable for 1 second (with “…” text). This was made for easier detection of drag issues.

What Mouse buttons you can test

You can test Left, Right and Middle (wheel) buttons of your mouse. Those are buttons presented on any mouse. Even though almost always dragging is done with the left button, you can test other two here as well.

*You can also test dragging with side mouse buttons, but only in Chrome-like browsers (Google Chrome, Edge, Opera, etc.).

Why even do dragging test?

Sometimes a problem arises when you drag something in the application and it suddenly stops moving, although you keep moving your mouse or finger. It can be an app bug or an issue with your mouse button or screen.

That’s why this drag test was made – to eliminate software factor. The object you drag in this test won’t stop moving until you stop, or your broken mouse button unclick itself.