Mouse polling rate checker

To test your mouse polling rate click at the green field and start moving your mouse in circles.

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Average: 0 Hz, maximum: 0 Hz

This simple online tool allows you to check your mouse polling rate online. To start checking, click on the green field above and move the mouse, preferably in circles (this is how the rate is measured more accurately). The average value over several seconds and the maximum value will be written in the green field. Intermediate values are written to the console below. To stop recording, click on the field again. To reset the console and the maximum value, press the "restart" button.

What is mouse polling rate?

The number of polling rate shows how many times your mouse reports it`s position to computer. Usually it is measured in Hertz (Hz) or in times per second. The higher is polling rate the more times your computer checks mouse and more accurate it transfers mouse position on the screen.

What is good polling rate?

Polling rate number matters the most in gaming, where you move mouse fast. For that purpose 500 Hz is good and enough for most of us. But advanced players and pros sometimes prefer mouses with 1000 or higher polling rate.

The difference is rather small between those two: 1000Hz mouse has 1 millisecond report time and 500Hz mouse has 2 milliseconds report time. 1 ms latency can`t really affect your gaming experience, think about it as 1ms higher ping. Also, the 500Hz mouse will be felt smoother. So, choose wisely.