Mouse drift test

Check if your mouse cursor moves by itself:

Time: s

Type any number to set timer. 0 – no time limit, test will continue, until mouse drifts.

How to do drift test?

This test is made only for a stationary check. To test your mouse cursor for a drift just click the start button and wait. If your mouse makes the slightest move there will be red message informing you about it.

You can click left and right buttons and scroll to see how your sensor reacts to these actions.

By default, timer is set to “0”, which means the test will continue forever, until your mouse makes a move. If you want, you can set timer in seconds.

What is mouse drift?

Mouse drift is an issue where your mouse itself moves the cursor even when you are not touching it.

There are a few common causes of mouse drift:

  1. Dirty sensor. Can be fixed by simple cleaning.
  2. Bad signal, if your mouse is wireless. May be caused by interference or a malfunction of the receiver.
  3. Broken cable, if your mouse is wired.
  4. Unsuitable surface for your mouse.
  5. Too sensitive sensor that reacts to the slightest vibrations. Often comes with previous cause №4.

Mouse drift caused by the last two reasons can be eliminated by using a cloth mouse pad. But №2 and №3 may require repair.