The best Auto clickers

The ability to click quickly is a must for gamers. You need to have good endurance and dexterity. And to be honest, sometimes it gets very tiring. But there is a way to simplify your game – Auto clicker.

Auto Clicker is a small program that simulates mouse clicks in games so that you can think about aiming and completing levels instead of suffering endlessly pressing the mouse button until it breaks.

This page contains a list of the 8 best Auto Clickers found on the Internet. Do not treat this list as a rating, because each program has its pros and cons. The easiest clickers to use will go first.

1. Free Mouse Clicker

If you want a very simple auto clicker, this is it. Free Mouse Clicker is a small program without a menu of options, export, import, recording and other unnecessary stuff.

Minimum settings: interval, mouse button, action (single or double click), start and stop hotkeys. That's all.



Download Free Mouse Clicker

2. OP Auto Clicker

2. OP Auto Clicker

Op Auto Clicker is similar to the previous one, but it has more settings.

You can select the place where the clicks will occur (at the current position of the cursor or in specified coordinates). You can also set the total number of clicks.

Download OP Auto Clicker

3. Free Auto Clicker

Free Auto Clicker allows you to set the exact location on the screen where you want to simulate mouse clicks. You can even set a sequence of several coordinates.

You can also set the desired interval and the number of clicks after which you need to stop.

You can click with each mouse button.



Download Free Auto Clicker

4. GS Auto Clicker

GS Auto Clicker from Golden Soft is not the simplest Auto Clicker, although at first glance it might seem the opposite.

There are not so many settings, and they are all hidden in different windows, which is not very convenient. But GS Auto Clicker can record clicks. The program will record the sequence of your clicks and their position, then you can play the recorded sequence.



Download GS Auto Clicker

5. Auto Click Typer

Auto Click Typer is a free auto clicker with the ability to create scripts. It is important that in addition to clicks you can add keyboard buttons to the scripts.

For each action in the scripts, you can set the delay and the number of clicks, either in an exact number or in a random range of values.



Download Auto Click Typer

6. Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click can simulate mouse operations, multiple keyboard buttons and multiple system actions. All this can be combined in a different sequence.

The procedure is quite simple: choose the coordinates where the action will take place; select the type of action from the list; then choose a delay; and click the "Add" button.

You can create a sequence of different or identical actions. After completing the script creation, click "Start" to run the script. That's all.

You can assign separate hotkeys for starting / stopping the script, for taking the coordinates of the cursor and for adding an action.



Download Auto Mouse Click

7. Perfect Automation

Perfect Automation is the most advanced Auto Clicker in terms of settings, with functions such as mouse and keyboard recording, script editor, scheduler, etc. If you really want, in addition to games, you can use it to automate workflows on your computer.

Since there are many functions in this Auto Clicker, it is difficult to understand how it works at first.



Download Perfect Automation Clicker


As the name suggests, MAC Auto Clicker is an Auto Clicker for Mac OS.

This Auto Clicker for Mac is completely free and also quite simple. You can set an automatic stop by time or by the number of clicks. However, there is no hotkey function, which makes it very awkward.

Download MAC Auto Clicker

Which Auto clicker is the best?

Of the simple, the OP Auto Clicker is the best. For more complex click sequences, download Auto Click Typer. Well, if you want an advanced recording tool, choose Perfect Automation.